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85 Camaro v6 MPI
Car will not start I replaced the fuel pressure regulator which was bad. There appears to be gas in the injector rails. Car would not start prior to regulator replacement and a strong gas odor was present when attempting to start the engine. There is good spark as indicated by the timing light (used on both a couple of cylinders and directly from the coil. Assuming I had a fuel problem I squirted either into the air filter and got no firing at all. I squirted either directly into the air intake again with no firing from any cylinder much less have the engine start.

Any Ideas

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Test for spark by using a sparkplug plugged into the plug wire and lay the plug on a good ground.

It does not take much juice to make the timing light flash.

Check your fuel pressure. I don't have the specs but if there isn't above a minimum pressure the injectors won't fire at all.

The either should have gotten some response if you had any spark at all.

On a higher compression race engine, I saw it run on either only when the distributor had stopped turning! - no spark at all!

Probably on a stock compression engine that wouldn't happen.

Good luck, David

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