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Nothing special 68

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Well, I decided to try to swim in the deep end. I have been watching from the side for a while. You guys are amazing. I have learned a ton and I plan on learning much much more. Thank you.
I have owned this base model 68 convertible since 1987. I bought it for $500 when I was 17. (I was actually saving up for a '77 Trans Am, I think I made the right choice.) I bought a Sears Crafstman tool box and learned how to fix it. I drove it for about 5 years and loved every second of it. Even though it was only in white primer and looked like hell, I was proud to drive it. I used to find notes on the car all the time. "If you want to sell this car, call this number..." Anyway, it sat way too long and I decided as a 40th birthday present/mid life crisis, I was going to attempt to resurrect the car. I have a long road in front of me and I move slow. Any advice would be appreciated. By the way, the car needs EVERYTHING!! Oh, and I'm not getting rid of it. :)
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Another '68 convertible in the mix! Welcome aboard. Nice back story too. Looks like you've got a shop and motovation. Now you just need some time and money!! LOTS of money!!

My advice would be to put your plan on paper. Is it going to be a stock build, modified, or a little of both. You will be surprised how many decisions you have to make regarding that choice. For example, do you spend hours doing research and spraying test panels to make sure your upper dash is the right color and sheen? Or do you just spray it semi gloss and move on?

Take a ton of pictures along the way (which you share with us) and make notes while tearing it down too. The photos and notes will help tremendously when it's time to go back together. Especially since you note it might take some time. I never thought my build would last 3 years, but life tends to happen!

Good jump in there and start tearing that thing apart! Brian
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Nice project. Keep the pictures coming on your progress.
You should have an album because you'll forget where items came from originally.
Take measurements on those pictures of the original panels for later reference.
Thanks guys. I appreciate the support. I am still working out the plans in my head. People are already asking me what color it is going to be painted!! I have no idea. But, I do know that I want to build the car for me so originality does not matter. Besides, the original straight six and powerglide are loooong gooone!!!! I would like to put a small block V-8 in it and convert it to a 5 speed manual transmission. I know there are a million other decisions to make, but right now I just want to concentrate on replacing and rebuilding the body and frame. I do know that I want to make it look like a rally sport. Anyway, I joined photobucket and I hope it is easier to post more pics. I have a ton!!! Thanks again.
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Sorry guys, i have to figure out the picture process. I guess they are too big.
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By the way, what is all that reddish orangey color on almost all the sheet
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Rule #1. If married... get the wifey on board. Trust me on this one!

Then, write up a plan, and stick to it. If you don't have a fairly decent air compressor, get one, and a good sand blasting unit. And, get your hands on every GM manual you can...they will all help. The last thing will be deciding on how much you intend to budget for...and this you will prob go many of us have found, eh?

Good luck on your project...remember the archives.

The wifey is on board although she has no concept of what it's going to cost. She'll probably hold it over my head until there is something that she wants to spend money on, then she'll throw the "Camaro card". I plan on making a big sheet metal purchase within the next month or so. Probably something like one of those sheet metal packages that Belair Bob sells. He seems like a good guy plus he always seems to come through when someone has a question.

I just bought the compressor, here's a pic. Just a single stage 5 HP Campbell Hausfeld refurbished. I ran about 50 feet of 3/4 copper tubing around the garage. I've been purchasing air tools little by little. I have the Fisher body manual, the Assembly Instruction manual and a camaro restoration guide. I need to get a media blaster. Any suggestions? (I live check to check by the way:))?
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Looks like a Tripoli turquoise original colour to me:hurray: Same as my 68 and I luv that colour. Fairly rare too. Is the interior the same colour?
What are your options?
Lots of fun and headaches ahead:yes:
Mostly fun and nothing an aspirin won't fix:D
Good luck
I never saw the car painted the original color. It was always spray painted. The interior is a black standard interior.
Obviously, I am not getting the hang of posting these pictures. Sorry!:eek:
Another "Tim" from Long Island... ironic. Tim1968 is building a cool 68 in LI too. heh.. I am a former resident myself. (I lived in Farmingville for 17 years)

Welcome aboard...!:beers: There's lots of help on here, so be sure ask questions and post LOTS of pics! Enjoy the build! That'll be a sweet little drop top when it's done I'm sure.
I'm glad you saw my thread. You are one of my main inspirations for trying this. I've read and reread your build quite a few times. Thank you. I grew up in Farmingville on Roberta Ave. I also bought a house in 1998 on Rosemont Ave. It sounds like you lived near there. I read Tim's 1968 post and you mentioned the Grucci fireworks show in his thread. Anyway, I have a long road in front of me and I look forward to it. Any input you have would be much appreciated.
Happy St. Patrick's Day guys!
Nothing wrong with the picture posting.
As you're doing, be sure to reduce them in size, 640X480, is good for the dial-up guys here before uploading to photobucket.

Big project, by the way. Good luck. Need a garage frig for your cold beverages and a beverage server.
Very nice pics/project, looking good and diggin the beer fridge too!!
Thanks for sharing, best of luck to you!
My son and I bought our 68 project when he was a sophomore on high school and thought we would be done for high school graduation. Now he is a senior in college and we are just starting to put it back together. We have loved every minute of it and it has created a lot of bonding time. My wife calls it my girlfriend Cally The Camaro. I could have bought a 2010 ss for what I will have in this car but the learning experience and bonding have been priceless.
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Glad to see that the wife on your team... for the time being! But you may have to both sit down and go through what the projected build is gonna run you. Being able to not farm out the project will cut down on costs a lot.

If doing this from pay to pay, you're really going to have to choose your battles, and as indicated, the bodywork will come first, followed by the additional mod changes that you may want to do down the road...changing out the 6pack and going to an RS will not be cheap. So, you don't want to get discouraged along the way, having a uncompleted unit in the garage in pieces for a long time, and not being able to enjoy it...been there, done this... it ain't fun!

So, more the reason to get 'er down on many costs as you can, and prob adding another 10% on top as the prices still tend to do anywhere but up. Maybe yet another 10% for parts that you think you won't need... but will.

If not too far from "Camaro Specialities" in East Aurora, NY, Bob Harris used to have a great selection of first and second gen Camaro parts... and he knows his stuff. You might want to check him out.

I haven't checked out the archives?... but there may be info in there re. a suitable source for a blaster. You might want to check out to see if there's an industrial guy in the area who has a shoot cab, or a blast set up, and you can work out an arrangement like I did.

Good luck on your restore...just take your time, and look for the deals...there's still some out there.

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Since your dash is so rusted, here's a little advice. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR VIN TAG!

and again to drive home the point. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR VIN TAG!

Don't ask me how I know. Good luck on your project.
Thanks, I'll try that with photobucket.
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