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and I'll need your help.

So, the 327 I asked a lot of questions about in a previous thread looks as follows:

Chevrolet 327, dyno tested to 300hp @ 5250rpm.

Block #3970010 (010 block), Crankshaft 3911001C, heads 3970126 and a 4-barrel inlet manifold 3783244 (out of a 1963 Corvette).

GM block, GM crank, Sealed Power pistons, Sealed Power rings, Hydraulic CompCams, hydrualic lifters, Cloyes dubbelroller cam gears (is that the right word in english?), GM heads, Highvolume oilpump, etc etc.
At the dyno test, the engine was run with a 700 Carter carb, which will be replaced with a smaller carb, as the 700 is a bit too big...

So - with this info - Am I making a good deal here? The engine ran nicely and everything was tested on 95 oct pump gas.

What do you say? Should I go for it?
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