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Celebrate 50 years of Camaro by entering the October 2016 RIDE of the MONTH​

The Team Camaro Ride Of The Month is sponsored by


One Grand Prize Winner receives from NPD:
T-shirts, hats, license plate, decals, NOS GM sales brochure or other period marketing items from Rick's personal collection, and a $100 gift certificate!

The First Runner-up receives from their choice of:
DashMat or SunScreen

Important Dates

Now through September 25th: Please post your entries and pictures in this thread. Submissions posted after 23:59 hours (11:59 pm) Pacific Time on the 25th will not be included in the competition for this month


September 26th through 30st: A Voting thread with poll will be added to this forum section on the 26th containing the nominations. All members will get the chance to vote on their favorite. The person with the most votes by MIDNIGHT PACIFIC the 30th of September will be the winner for the month of October 2016 And will be included in the 50th anniversary year calendar !

Note changes in photos used to enter your ride.
Rules for nominations
Cars that are currently up for sale are not to be nominated!
All nominations:
Must post three (3) Recent photos sized to 640 x 480 pixels.

These three (3) photos must be of the mandatory views listed below.

  • one front/side angle (drivers side preferred)
  • one interior shot taken from the open door
  • one over all engine bay picture.

Optional: A fourth photo (not required to enter) of any angle - dead on rear view, or front, or any other aspect of your ride you want to showcase, especially if you are a resto-mod-pro-street entry and have mods listed in your entry such as trunk customizations, or sound systems, wheels, paint detail etc.
Note: NO collages, No slide show links, No videos, and lastly No nudity.
In addition for Resto/Mod vehicles:
Must include a list of the vehicles current Modifications.

Final Notes

  • Pictures must be of current state of car with the only exception being seasonal photos with winter tires on.
  • Parts currently for sale or waiting to be installed are not to be included in your listing.
  • If your wheels/tires/suspension/etc. are currently up for sale, even if still on car, they cannot be listed in the mod list.
  • No "Future Modifications" either used to pad your listing.

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Hi, I give my X44 another chance. I´ve had it for 11 years now but my Camaro journey started when I was five and got a ride in a new 1969 Camaro for the first time!
This car is as original as it gets though its not a matching numbers car, but color, interior and trim came with the car and it´s a factory V8. Here with one of the two sets of wheels that I have for the car, the American Racing 200S wheels. They came around 1969 in this look but not in 17", as this is!

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