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I have an odd problem I can't find the answer to on a 72 Camaro. The car is a frame off restoration all new everything including wiring harnesses. I installed a Covans Thunder Road gauge cluster. All the gauges work fine. When I installed the light switch and pull the knob only the headlights come on. No exterior or gauge lights work except for the high beam indicator light. Looked like a bad switch at first. I tried a second and third switch with the same results. The odd thing is when I unplug the switch and jump the power feed on the plug to the different lighting circuits on the plug (Tail, side marker, dir signal, gauge lights) they all work fine. It’s Weird. I assume these light circuits get their power from the power feed coming into the plug. All grounds appear to be good. I can’t figure out why these circuits are not getting power when I turn/pull the switch on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Connector on headlamp wired wrong?

Looking at the knob end and starting from left-to-right, top-to-bottom, the colors are:
term 10 = light blue
9 = brown
40 = orange
156 = white
2 = red
44 = dark green
150 = black
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