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OER tail light bezels

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Has anyone ordered these? I received new ones yesterday and went to transfer my old housing to the new bezels. What I discovered is there are no threads to attach the bezels to the car's tail panel. Also, I didn't see threads in the bezel to attach the housing.

How are you guys attaching these bezels?
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I think you can buy tail light mounting nuts from Ricks, NPD, Classic, etc. that will cut their own threads in the studs when you thread them on. With my bezels, somehow I ended up with two that didn't match, one is like your OER and the other is a Classic Headquarters. The Classic Headquarters one comes threaded with the proper style nuts, the other I intend to replace, so I just used some nuts & washers that happened to fit and threaded them on, and it seems fine.
Most of the Audo Body shop supply stores have the studs and speednuts. I bought a set of bezels and they were made by Moroso in Connecticut. It came with studs and the speed nuts and still looks great 6 years later.

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