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I added the console gauge kit from Classic and the temp gauge isn't working properly.

When I first got it up and running the temp gauge would swing all the way to the right way past the orange hash mark.

Ok... my 396 is overheating or my new gauge is whacked out.

I replaced my flex fan with a new Therma-Lite 18" clutch fan, replaced a new Neihoff sending unit with a new AC Delco sending unit. Gauge Still pegs out after idling for a few minutes.

So I took out the sending unit and replaced it with my old Auto Gage "mechanical" temp guage and set it on my console and drove around for awhile. That gauge stayed at 190 deg. the whole time.

I know my car isn't overheating now,so that tells me my new gauge or 2nd sending unit is bunk.

My gauge lights work fine, so I think I've got a good ground, but my gas gauge works intermittenly too.

How do I trouble shoot my temp gauge and sender??

Thanks. Brian
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