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Hello fellow Camaro Junkies,

My Name is Jim.
I am addicted to Camaros.
I have been lurking for a few months now and I see many here have the same sickness. :yes:
I started editing my profile and added some albums tonight.
I will add more photos in the coming days. ;)
Here is a link to my test posts. I don't know if they disappear soon or what, but there are some more photos there.

Here is another teaser pic of my '69. :)

I am looking forward to joining the community. :waving:

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Welcome, Jim, to the Club
I lived in County 64, nice rides,
I almost have you beat on your 4th Gen, I'm not the original owner, but my 2002 SS has 10K miles, and my 2000 SS has 52K.
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