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I have a new type alternator but don't know which one,: i'll have to look and tell you; anyway my problem is it doens't charge the battery anymore and it the idiot lamp is good and illuminates before starting. The alt was checked last year and told in great shape.
So i think i may check my wiring and i read Wes vann topic over alterntor convresions.
The thing is I have a One wire wiring installation. And Wess Van doesn't talk about that conversion, so can anybody tell me about this wiring (does the only red wire directly connect to the battery? brown wire comes from idiot lamp)
but maybe i can reinstall a 2 wires (like wess van)wiring on my alternator, if it is better and if it is possible ?

I'll try to take a picture of my alternator so that you can see it and recognize.

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