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original protecto plate and build sheet-norwood car

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hey, i've been in the process of finally moving most of my projects and parts collection from a garage that I rented for years to a garage that I recently built at my house (thank God)...and I came across a packet of original paperwork for a 68 6 cyl vert that i remember selling years ago...I cant believe that the owners manuals, protectoplate and even an original body broadcast sheet are in the packet.. I thought the Norwood build sheets are pretty rare?? id like to find the owner of the car now and submit the data to you guys if you are interested...the VIN is 123678N402365....shame it wasnt a big block car or a Z...(probably wouldn't of sold it back then)
in phila. pa area......
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I'd love a copy of the POP and a scan or pic of the broadcast sheet. Always nice to find docs on L6 cars.
Broadcast sheets are hit or miss. Very unlikely to find them in the car, but many dealers put them in the new car packet when prepping the car.

Car is not in the db.

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