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I have done a site search for paint codes and I think I found the interior paint codes for the dash. I have a black interior and the 1968 chevrolet interior color page I found says it is Ditzler 9266. Questions:
Is low gloss 30%? It is used for the face of the dash right?
The manual page says the top of dash (exposed portion) was "0" gloss is that right?
Were the speaker grills in the kick panels painted the 30% gloss?
It says low gloss was used on the convertible components also 9266...Is this also 30% gloss?

What was the color code for the Grill (this is an SS car, but I don't think that matters). I found some posts on this but they mostly talked about the RS silver grill. Was grill low gloss? "0" gloss?
What is the correct color for the SS stripe? and What is its gloss?
I am doing 2 stage paint so I am assuming it would look best if the black stripe will go on top (not buried in the clear)...Or was it a gloss black stripe...(can't imagine if part of it is stick on). PS not the bumble bee stripe...its the one that extends down the side.
Underside of SS hood...Was this low gloss "0" as well? paint code please? I have a 69 cowl hood and it is low gloss or "0" gloss. Looks like the paint to the edges was done fairly rough as well "blow and go".

Sorry about so many questions just looking to get it right. If there is a book I should get let me know. Otherwise I will rely on your fine help! :beers:
Thanks :D
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