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Paint Product Comments/Review

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Has anyone used TCP's Restoration Shop base Coat and clear. Price is reasonable but how good is the product to shoot, cut and buff and last ability?

Thanks, Bruce
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Still looking for some feedback
I was in the same boat as you a short time ago. Looking for the best deal and quality. I'm afraid the two rarely if ever go together with automotive paint. IMHO save some more $$ and get a better quality paint. I went with Motobase for 850 a gallon and SPI Universal Clear. Just my .02
There is no free lunch, especially with a private label reseller….

I've been a painter for 33 years. Generally you get what you pay for. You are paying a ton of money for all the work leading up to paint. Why penny pinch to save a few hundred $ for the final finish that you and everyone will be looking at for the rest of the time you own the car. Get the best, figure out how to pay for it.
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So I looked at what the well known resto shops use and most use the lower cost products, Texas Metal uses Tamco. Looked at a sight on paint and 25 comments on PPG Concept( which I have used on the last 10 cars or so) versus SPI . . . . all picked SPI and they are half the price of Concept 2021. By the way PPG profit was up 15% the last quarter hummmm. So I ordered the SPI and it arrived the next day. I was with a company that sold its product in Walmart and a leading dept store, same product for twice as much and customers would comment how much better it was because they paid more. Its all about marketing and telling folks what they want them to think, like the government. Oh well!
Have a friend that restores tri five Chevys. He uses Glasurit paint products almost exclusively. He has a a 57 Nomad that he painted 20 years ago. Still looks new. Have another buddy with a body shop. 20 years ago, he painted my old BMW with Dupont Chroma Premier, and it has held up well even though abused as a daily driver. Black with no clear coat.
Shot my 69 in 1984 with Dupont and it still looks great. Shot another one of my 69's in 1990 with Dupont Centari Enamel and has held up fine, of course they are garaged. Shot a 99 Z 3 years ago with PPG 2002 clear and it is all faded and flat as a flitter, sits outside.
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