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Parking Lights Turn Off When Headlights are Turned On.

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I finally got all my lights working. I removed the LED lights and install the regular bulbs. All the lights work except the front parking lights. The front parking lights come on if you pull the headlight switch half way. If I turn the headlights on, the front parking lights go off. I checked the grounds on the parking lights and the headlights. It does this even with the headlights removed. Any thoughts? This is the last light related problem I would like to fix. Sorry for so many posts, I'm new to Camaros. Thanks
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Lots of older cars were wired that way. You can make then be on by moving one wire on the plug but I forget which wire. Someone will chime in on that.
That’s normal stock wiring.
my AAW harnes actually called it out, and gave you an option to wire them on at all times.
Suspect this a 67. At headlight switch on 67 and earlier Corvairs, the purple wire gets moved from its original spot to one closer to the knob. Not knowing model year, hard to help.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I thought I was going crazy trying to fix the parking lights. If this is normal, that's fine.
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