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Hi Guys,
Some great pictures/forums etc on here.
Ive had a few V8's while in Aus while living around Sydneys northern beaches,Starting with my Valiant regal 770 vg coupe 318.
Then i dabbled with engine swaps,early 90s land cruiser troopy,diesel donkey out,350 chev to replace it.
The reason im posting this thread is i noticed some posts regarding conversions LHD/RHD on older cars.
In the 1960s a guy based in Brookvale,Sydney called Phillip Bruce Small trading as Phil Small Automotive specialized in car conversions,vehicle design and all round auto work,he had projects with Bill Buckle around the time of the gogomobile was designed.In the early 70s he was asked to convert the Ford Capri,mainly the engine/running gear side i think and made some changes,then on test drive along Wakehurst Parkway,Sydney a tyre blew out and he crashed and suffered severe head injuries,slipped into a coma and spent years in rehab,his career was over after that.He had the first Porsche targa in the area in his 20s! Mustangs were his favourite car to convert.
Its just a bloody shame that his work is not known,Bill Buckle has lots of info working with the man and im waiting for a reply but if anyone here can add some info also on Phil Small Automotive,Brookvale,Syd either Orchard rd or Old Pittwater road locations,i would love to hear from you,
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