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What is the torque for the nut that holds the pitman arm on the steering box.Also does someone have a link for a general torque chart for grd 5 and grd 8 bolts,mine is so deteriorated from age.

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Steering gear mounting bolts-70 ft

Pitman Shaft Nut 140 ft

Steering Wheel nut 35 ft

" with tilt 1 ft

Steer coupling nut 18 ft

Steering coupler clamp bolts 30 ft

Tie Rod End nut 35 ft

Tie Rod Clamp nut 130 inch lb

Ball joint nut upper 50 ft

Ball joint nut lower 65 ft

Upper ball joint attach bolts (replacement) 25 ft (these replace the rivets holding the upper ball joint to A frame).

Steering arm attach nuts 85 ft

Lower control arm 85 ft

Upper control arm 50 ft

Collar bolts 45 ft (bolts that hold the large washer on the ends of the upper control arm shafts)

Brake anchor pin (drum) 130 ft

Brake andhor bolt (disc) 75 ft

Wheel stud (lug) nuts 65 ft

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AGR says 180 ft/lbs in their istructions for the pitman arm nut.
The AIM says 120-160 ft. lbs for the pitman arm to steering box nut. 180 ft. lbs. might be too much..... those specs are for an original GM gearbox though.
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