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I am getting ready to re-assemble my car from the rotis, and need to decide between PST's poly-graphite bushings or Global West's delrin bushings.

I intend to keep my car as stock as possible (engine, exterior, interior, a-arms, etc) but also want a nice handling, driveable car. PST bushings appear close to OEM, but do they squeak and bind? Example...with coils not yet installed, delrin bushed a-arms move extremely easy allowing the suspension to 'work' better vs. poly-graphite/poly-urethane which bind and dont move freely with same example. SO, does this even really matter for my car? Is seeing those blatently non-OEM delrin bushings worth the benefits I get for my cruiser convert? And the price difference?

As for springs...I again want a good handling car and had intended to re-install the cosmetically rejuvinated stock coils and springs, but they are 40 years old and surely wont provide the originally weak lbs/sq. in. they once did. SO I have been considering the ~1 inch drop replacement springs (front & rear) from Global West. Not so concerned about being ~1 inch lower than stock since my stock gear is probably similiar by now, but not having a mono leaf in the rear on a 67...that will really be apparent. Repro mono leafs arent the same, so not even considering them. Is having a modern rear spring rate in a car that was obviously undersprung originally, worth having obviously non-stock rear leafs?

I want to cruise the car, but have gone to extremes in keeping as much original as possible. This is likely the highest optioned car I can afford and realize the increased value in maintaining original equipment...but I want a nice handling car I can use for the next ~30 years. Regardless of my decision, I will always keep the original springs, but for now...

Please enlighten and help me decide. I have read numerous threads and narrowed my choices, but am now stumped. Thanks in advance!
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