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The internet is a wealth of information but you can't take it with you everywhere. I'm going to the Portland swap meet in a couple of weeks (it's the largest on the west coast) and I'd like to take a book with me that had every possible chevy casting number (engines, heads, water pumps, muncies, rear ends.....ect.) so I can be positive of what I'm buying. There is a book out called "Chevy V8 casting numbers 1955-1993" which seems pretty good, but I don't know if that's the best one or not. Please give me your opinion. Thanks!!!!!

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As Eric said, the Chevy by the #'s book is an excellent information source. The later editions have some of the errors edited out.

The 'Chevy V-8 Engine Casting #'s 1955~93 is also a very good reference source. It has component ID Numbers not available in other sources.

Several of my other go-to sources are;
"Chevrolet Small Block Parts Interchange Manual" by Ed Staffel -(ISBN #1-884089-25-9)
"Chevrolet Small-Block Interchange Manual" by David Lewis - (ISBN #0-87938-357-7)
"Chevrolet Small Block V-8 ID Guide" by Pierre Lafontaine - (ISBN # 0-7603-0175-1)
"Motors" Manuals, for the years I'm looking at - these have an Engine ID section for each model/year they cover.

My reference section of my office has several 4' shelves full of various books and manuals I've collected over the years.
I always use a triple cross-reference of a number if possible before I respond to most ID questions, as many of the sources contain information that was probably not double checked before printing (isn't that a nice way of saying that ... ;) ) Many of my books have numerous notes in the margines refering to other sources for updates.
I also spend some time in some truck forums and the ID info for them can be hard to come-by in many instances. Seems like many light truck engines find their way into performance car applications over the years due to their original HD design - with 4-bolt blocks being the norm in many cases ...

For other driveline, and excellent transmission reference material, refer to books like;
"Chevrolet Parts Interchange Manual" by Paul Herd (ISBN #0-7603-0016-X) it has general interchange information on things like Driveshafts, Tranmissions and Rear Axles.
For transmission specific references;
"Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook" by Ron Sessions HP books (ISBN #0-89586-051-1) has a short intro section on ID and model series info along with production info decode.
" General Motors Automatic transmission overhaul" by Haynes Techbooks (ISBN #1-56392-169-3) has lots of decode info including the '2-Alpha' GM designator listings for many GM transmissions, this is the code found on the tag on the side of transmissions that's easy to spot in most wrecking yards.

The original GM Service Manuals are also a great wealth of information on component ID, but you need to go through them and record the info by year and model in a DB format to make it useable for quick reference. (which is what many of the book authors did to some extent ... )

Hope some of this helps;

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I just gotta, I just do!!

Here, over at Big Brother, (Team Chevelle) and MadMike's great SGCOG site, NastyZ28..

And I think Mike may still have his great big, parts by the numbers and alpha codes thread somewhere..

Heck, ask him how to get to it...

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