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I have a 1969 Camaro 350 block that had a cast iron starter nose with an 11 clutch. I have installed a 10 1/2 clutch (LUK with 10 1/2 flywheel). I installed a GM starter originally for 10 1/2 clutch and the pinion will engage the flywheel if I use 1/8 inch of shims. This starter will work. However

I have a GM PMGR mini starter from a Z28 that has the nose changed to work with a 10 1/2 clutch. I used over 1/4 inch of shims and the pinion still will not engage the flywheel (it hits the flywheel). Putting more shims does not seem a good solution. The bolts would not be long enough. I am using the correct GM bolts (one short and one long)

Has anyone else had this problem and what was a good solution? I would really like to use the lightweight PGMR starter and I don't want to purchase another starter.

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