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Poorly formed tail light panel

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I started this 3 weekends ago.
The plan was to do some patch work on some rust, but found a cave and pave job on the taillight panel. So I ordered one but it needed quite a bit of work.
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It was about a 1/2” short on the driver side compared to the passenger side which was about 3/16” shorter than the original.
So after butchering a useless panel it remembered a description Don gave of something similar “ It’s a kludge”
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lots of boring, patient, draw/counter draw welding, and that damn word in my head.
But it’s better than a can of bondo hanging off the tail end of this kludge….there’s that word again.
I would steer clear of CHL manufacturing Taiwan
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Well at least I have an idea about a vanity license plate.
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