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I am wanting to install some form of a posi-traction in my 69SS when I rebuild the rear end, but in reading some posts here it sounds like it costs some rear wheel HP. Is this true? If so, what is the best posi to lose the least amount of HP?
PS. 4sp.,3.31, built350

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I had both aurburn and eaton at one time or another and eventually they both wore out after a few years.
(these being proffesionally installed mind you)
last fall I finally got a new moser rear with the detroit trutrac.
(no parts to wear out) cones or clutch disc.
seems to hook better that both of them .
no noise either from the rear.
its like having the best of both worlds. locker in straights and open diff in the corners.
(but if you really get on it in a corner both tires will hook up.)
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