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'68 Camaro Convertible with a '99 Camaro SS LS1/T56.

Build Pictures:
Build Blog:

ATS T56 install kit (crossmember and hydraulics)
Autokraft (ATS clone) mounts
Autokraft oil pan
Covan's gauge panel
Autometer UltraLite-II full sweep electric gauges
Lokar LS1/RamJet throttle cable
Energy Suspension engine and trans mounts
69 Camaro 6-cyl gas pedal
'06 Z06 clutch/flywheel
Driveline Solutions 9-inch rear with TrueTrac diff
Wilwood street rear discs
AGR 12:1 steering box
Hydratech hydroboost brake booster
Rock Valley stainless fuel tank with LS1 pump
'99 Corvette fuel filter/regulator
Hooker SuperComp LS1/firstgen swap headers
HPTuners VCMSuite software
AEM air filter
Procar Elite seats
Hurst Billet/Plus shifter

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Fun! Ok, here's my stuff;
Old, original, pre 69 Camaro engine, old.
L88 bought in 1968. Car bought in 1969. L78 finally broke in 1974. Installed L88 after updating it to open chamber and LS7 rods with boron bolts and true-locks and off-road aluminum heads.
After living with various carbs for another 20 years or so, Holley came out with Projection4. Bought it. It worked OK but still had 'consistency' problems. This winter we pulled the engine and freshened-up stuff. But not the FI. Now it's very strong and consistent. We have yet to find a MPH that the engine CAN'T smoke the tires by punching it. (faster that 60 hasn't been done yet because of traffic) As far as consistency, I suspect the intake manifold seal. It's working great now.
The car hasn't been seriously raced since 1970. Tomorrow the DOT slicks, skinny front tires and wheels arrive. The 90/10 shocks came today and are installed. The rest is on my web site. The first race is Saturday, baring rain.
It's not my second childhood, the mortgage is PAID-OFF!

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Here we go:

2001 LS1 w/T56 (completely stock)
4" Mandrel-bent intake tube
1-3/4" Full-length AME Headers
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Centerforce clutch
Art Morrison Subframe using Corvette components
AGR 15:1 Steering Rack
Wilwood 14"/13" 6/4 Piston Brakes
Wilwood balance bar pedal assembly w/ individual masters
Rock Valley modified OEM tank
Vette Filter/Regulator
Speartech programming
Lokar throttle cable w/ custom pedal assembly (to match the Wilwood pedals)
Autometer gauges

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EFI section :hurray: Great addition for the site. :thumbsup:
Here's my hodge/podge of parts.

Gen 1 383 SBC
Vic jr converted to EFI by Wilson manifolds
72# RC Injectors
Rick's stainless tank, w/ Aeromotive Eliminator pump inside
Accufab 1230cfm throttle body
MSD billit dual sync distributor, for cam and crank refference
FAST XFI controller running in sequential mode
Aeromotive boost refference regulator, set at 45# base presure
130 amp MSD alternator, need lots of power to run all this stuff:yes:
2 bar GM map sensor

This combo has worked well for me, up to 17# of boost, at that point it's seeing about 90% injector duty cycle.


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Previous Project:

69 Camaro SS
348ci LS6 w/ Magnacharger (505 rwhp)
T56 6-speed
Factory 98 Camaro PCM, Painless harness
BRP subframe and engine mounts, steering rack/pinion
Sumped factory fuel tank, external fuel pump and regulator
Stainless Works longtube headers
factory unmodified oil pan from 98 Camaro
10.7 ET 1/4-mile times :)

Current Projects:
1969 Camaro SS convertible, building 427ci LS7 + T56
1967 Camaro, forged 347ci LS1 w/ D1SC Procharger


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My system is a holley comander 950 with the wideband o2 , this coming winter i will be adding a ATI procharger F-1 with air to air to my 427 sbc , I'm sure it will work just fine after all the help from Jody and others .

69 camaro convertible
427sbc with cnc'd track 1's
sollid roller with rev kit .
TKO-600 with Mcleod dual disc .

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Here is what I have been up to lately.

It is a LS1/T56 out of a '02 Camaro SS that I have put in my '69 Z/28. Before this conversion I had done the Protouring treatment on the car with C4 brakes and Hotchkis TVS and the Guldstrand Mod.

Expect a lot from this new drivetrain and it will be tuned in hte future. Only modification now is the 1 3/4" headers that will require a tune of the fuelcurves.


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I converted an old bug catcher to DFI, it sits on top of a 6-71 blower.
I pieced the system together myself and got the electronics from Blower Drive Service. They will gladly sell any part that you ask for, but technical services are really crappy.
They claim that it's a plug-n-play system. It can't be farther from the truth. Craig (he showed up on Monster Garage when they built a blown Caddy-Craig's tuning was far from perfect on that one too) is head of the tech department, he was no help at all. I sent the ECM back for programming a second time, the car wouldn't even run. It would start and die w/no attempt to even idle.
To make a longer story shorter, I wiped out all of BDS's programming and tuned the thing myself.
I give it a few tweeks every time I drive the thing. It's slowly getting closer to perfection.

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SBC with a Lingenfelter super ram. Older technology but it runs well. I’m looking at upgrading the ECU to the Holley Dominator system soon since the GM computer from the early 90s is seriously limited


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Terminator Stealth, Nice looking setup.
I'm considering this one but unsure because they're said to not fit GM's OEM 2" drop base air cleaner, maybe Holley has since updated the original design.
Can you confirm?
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