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I'm not really certain where this topic should go but I think it will be considered pro touring when completed. I am currently restoring a 69 camaro that my dad has owned since 1976. He is the third owner of this car. when he bought the car it was still the original color which was Olympic Gold with a white vinyl top and ivory interior. He painted the car dark blue in the early 80's then a lighter blue around 1986. I grew up watching him race the car at local tracks and when I turned 16 I took over the driving. I bought a dragster about 3 years ago to race and stopped racing the car. What started off as an engine compartment freshen up has now turned into a complete restoration. I am now 24 years old and will graduate from college in three weeks. My dad told me he will sign the title of the car over to me as my graduation present. Progress on the car has been slow but as soon as I graduate I will be putting the project in high gear. I will post some pics of the progress along the way.

Upgrades Include:
New Floor Pans
Both Quarters
Real Tail Pan
DSE Minitubs
Outer Rear Wheel Wells
Both Trunk Extensions
Caltrac split monoleafs
Strange disc brakes all around
TRZ upper and lower control arms
Flaming River Steering
Rear Leaf Spring Sliders
10 point chromoly cage

I'm sure the list will get longer as time goes. I will be building a 421 small block with 9:1 compression and a F1R procharger. I am hoping to have a pump gas street car capable of running in the high 8 second range in the 1/4.

I will posts some pics of the build tonight Im at school right now.
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