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proper support

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after alot of searching on this forum and gathering a ton of info I am ready to start cutting and replacing my rockers and floor. The only question I have is alot of people say to support the car correctly. Where should I place the stands? on the subframe?

68 coupe
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I haven't done mine yet, but everything I've read said to keep all 4 tires on the ground when doing this. I don't know if this is specific to verts or not. But car should be braced in the interior compartment as well.
While the car is on all four wheels weld 4 braces creating a diagonal square throughout the car. 2 should go by the doors, then 2 should be braced through the interior and connect to the ones on the doors... Hmm that sounds confusing but its reall simple. Then once you start taking things apart nothing can move from how it started. Worked for me anyways since it appears that nothings moved yet.
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