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Pulley Issues with SWP and DSE PS Pump

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This has been given me a headache for a week. I have installed a Detroit Speed Power Steering pump with their bracket. I have a short water pump, and installed the alternator bracket from Summit (listed below) With this setup the alt-crank belt is hitting the pump. It looks like the only way around this is to install a passenger side alternator bracket. I really, really want to keep the turnbuckle style adjustment. It looks like my only options are to go to a long water pump, necessitating new Crank pulley, pump, etc.

This bracket from Zoop's would work, but I do not like the chrome and the price.

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Only other solution would be to convert the p/s pump to OE bracketry, maybe the pump also. This would lower the pump and allow clearance.

Picture of your present set-up looking from the driver side and the front, please.
Have you called DSE with your problem? Their customer service is very good. They can probably have a good solution for you.
I had called DSE, and they stated they normally run the very pricey Frontrunner serpentine kit, and didn't know what would work. They offered no solution. I can post a pic tomorrow, thanks for the help.
Take a look at my website under the power steering section. I too wanted to use the TC style pump but the belt routing would not work using a short pump. The TC pulley is very close to the pump body vs. the stock Saginaw P-pump which extends out enough to allow correct belt routing.
The pulley's and everything is different between a short water pump and a long water pump. I think what DSE is saying, is their PS pump is for a long water pump.
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