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quarter glass

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i need to replace my quarter glass molding due to pitting. is this attatched by the small screw at the base or is it also glued and if so what type of glue should i utilize. do i need to remove the entire window to install it or can it be done as is...thanks al
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Its glued on with a butyl tape of some kind, the same type of adhesive that holds the windsheild in, just thinner. The screw at the base just holds the rubber molding to the window chrome. You can do it with the window installed, but may have to remove the rubber seal on the front of the quarter panel to get a little more access to it.
thanks. i can just force the old one off from the glass and clean it up i guess prior to the new instalation
I'll be doing this same thing soon, but I'll also be replacing the rubber moulding. Does anyone know if there's a tool I need for this?
To my knowledge, there is no tool, but mine was very tight. I would recommend a good dose of liquid dish soap before you begin. As for the window tape, there are several thicknesses. I took my window and chrome piece to an auto glass place, that specializes in rods and restos, and had him pick out the proper thickness for me. I don't remember using any adhesive-just friction to hold the channel to the glass.
No tool that I know of for installing the rubber moulding. It's channeled so it slids up in place. A little lubricant goes a long way in getting it to move easier.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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