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*Pic below.

Just received a metering valve , it's supposed to be for a 69 Camaro , and it's identicle to a Camaro , but the blind / locating and the threaded holes are reversed. It also has a long bracket , not the small curved regular / correct bracket.

Anyway , Since GM usually never makes a part that will easily interchange accidentally to be inferior for one car but not the other , especially affecting brakes & when there aren't any intelligable markings on it to designate what it actually fits. What I'm wondering is if anyone knows for sure that these are all the same , just drilled and tapped different for different mounting applications , like a Chevelle or Caprice ?
A guy could just drill out the threaded side and tap the unthreaded side.

Knowing GM , I would think they're all the same.

Only Ford does stupid things like that...

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That's what I would think Brian. It should work the same, just different mounting. I would do whatever it needs to mount on your car.
I just scored one also that was hooked up to a line lock with perportioning valve and related brake lines as a assembly. I have one on my 67 RS that has manual disc brakes.
Were these metering valves only used on discs?

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They should all be the same. The job the metering valve does is the same for any application I've ever read about.
It holds back pressure until 40 psi is reached.
The valve mounts with the "button" pointing toward the firewall.

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