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Okay, onto the next stage of the C5 swap.

I'm at the stage of getting my S10 MC mounted on my early style Moraine booster. I just got it back from the machinist and am ready to bolt it up.

My question:
What is the proceedure for bleeding these quick take-up MC's?? I know its different than the traditional iron MC.



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The rear replenishment port between the reservoir and rear piston has a valve in it to prevent fluid from returning to the reservoir until around 100 psi is reached. This allows the large rear piston to move a lot of fluid upon initial pedal travel.

Once 100 psi is reached, the valve opens and the smaller rear piston starts pumping fluid into the brake line.

When bleeding, the reservoir valve interferes with fluid replenishing the rear bore. You have to wait a while after each pump of the pedal until the fluid has time to fill the bore.
The manual says wait 30 seconds for each pump, but this might vary depending on your particular master cyl.
The front MC port should bleed normally.
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