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Rats Nest COPO

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It's time to let someone else enjoy this car. I'm offering it here in Super Stock D trim as it would make a great and unique addition to any Supercar collection. These cars were built to race and this one did just that. It's a legit low option Supercar (AM radio is only option). If there isn't much interest, I'll put it back to stock trim and sell it that way.


1969 COPO Camaro, 15,500 original miles. Built the 4th week of September of 1969, purchased new at Ray Bryant Chevrolet in Dayton, Ohio. X44 Lemans Blue, Black standard interior. Was a Super Stock D car from 1971 through 1975 when it was turned into a street machine only driven on nice days until 2018 when I acquired the car. Extensive ownership history back to 1970 and extensive drag strip history from when it was campaigned as Rats Nest by the 2nd owner. Car was inspected and certified by Jerry MacNeish in its “as-purchased” condition in 2018. Jerry's full report is available to interested parties. It is documented in the SuperCar Registry.

Body: 100% GM sheetmetal car with everything original/dated to the car except for trunk lid and NOS fenders that were installed in 1977. All glass is original to the car except the windshield (original was broken during the restoration in 2020), and the drivers side glass (original correct dated LOF replacement).
Engine: L72 427/425 HP engine. 4 bolt main 512 block, 291 square port heads, 163 intake and August dated 4346 carb. All correct/stock internals fully rebuilt to factory specs with less than 100 miles on it. Block and heads are dated early September of 1969.
Transmission: Unstamped over the counter M22 4-speed transmission with all correct internals and GM gears. Freshly rebuilt.
Rear end: Correct BE code 4.10 post rear dated to align with the build date of the car. Original COPO-specific GM post unit. Freshly rebuilt.
Interior: all original seat covers, door panels, rear inner panels, water shields, rear seat divider, seat belts, visors, windlace trim.

Other major components original to the car and professionally preserved or restored: subframe, suspension, steering box, axle snubbers, brake booster, brake valves and distribution blocks, hood hinges, hood latch, horns, rear wiring harness, taillights, cowl induction throttle arm, cowl relay, heater box, heater core, gauges, dash controls/switches, glove box liner. Most fasteners are original to the car and professionally re-plated/coated.

Other original components: disc brakes, July dated curve neck radiator with original tanks and core, master cylinder, 1111499 distributor, 3138 Hurst shifter with 5325 shift handle.

There are very few reproduction parts on this car. When those parts were sourced, only the best OEM reproduction parts were used.

Professional, factory-correct, 3 year rotisserie restoration in code 71 Lemans Blue bc/cc. Factory oversprays and inspection marks were documented during disassembly and replicated during restoration. I have over 3,000 detailed photos of the restoration. Highlights of the car, it’s history, and restoration can be seen at Introducing........RATS NEST - The Supercar Registry

This awesome COPO is presented for sale in its Super Stock D livery as it was when it scored 976/1,000 points at the 2021 MCACN show in Day 2 Concours class. The vinyl graphics can easily be removed if you want the car back to stock form. For the listed price, you will also receive (4) fully restored original XT wheels with brand new Goodyear Wide Tread GT tires, 621 bell housing, cowl induction air cleaner, fully restored no spoiler trunk lid, fully restored original wiper panel, and original survivor factory chrome valve covers.
Price: $215,000. Will consider interesting partial trades as part of the deal.


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Great looking car. If I get lucky and hit the Powerball I’d be interested.
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