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OK...moving along and the instructions on my kit (AAW Classic Update) tell me to take the "white tach" wire to the location on the coil, and the "pink voltage" wire to the Bat on the coil. I'm using the MSD Blaster 8207 and they aren't labeled this way. Additionally it came with it's own connectors into the MSD HEI Distributor. I believe all I need to do is connect the Pink to the + side and the white to the - side, but a confirmation would be helpfull.

As always, thanks in advance.

Oh, while I'm at it....they show a yellow cable coming from the ballast resistor down to the R post of the starter...again not using a ballast resistor, so I believe that this yellow wire should just connect to the + side of the coil, but again confirmation would be nice.

Thanks again.
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