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Hey Camaro Buds I need your help and advise. I have 67 Inline 6 250 Camaro and recently change my Rear Leaf Spring Bushings. While I was at it I also change my leaf spring from a mono to a 3 leaf. When I was putting everything back together I also replaced the stock t-bolt on the perch plate with longer grade 8 bolt to fit the spring pads. I had a buddy reinforce the perch plate by adding a thicker weld. My question is will the perch plate be alright and hold in place or should I replace the longer bolts with U-bolts? I also have changed my rear differential from a 3.08 to 3.73. Car came with Stock 14 rims and I switched the rears to 15x7 with 245/60R15. I don’t want to snap a perch plate (if that’s possible) when I’m out on the road or am I just worry about nothing. :confused:

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