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rear hatch release

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I have an 88 coupe and I am currently swapping in factory power windows, clock, tilt column, cruise control, and power hatch release from a previously owned 82 z28 everything works fine except the 88 has a power rear hatch suck down I am wondering if it was available with both items becouse there is absolutly no way to mount the release solenoid. does anyone know if there was a design chang in solenoids between 1982 and 1988? or were the two options available together at all. I have a way to make it work but would rather stick with factory parts instead of modifying things especially if all it will take is a new soleniod. any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks.
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ok heres the deal yes 88 camaros had the power pull down but havent seen many to think of but my nephew bought a 89 firebird that had one that went bad and the previos owner pried open with a crow bar ruining the hatch. i had a 87 z parts car so i swapped hatches for him no problem he searched all over for a power replacemnet motor and gave up too expansive new or reman and to hard to find in a junk yard. what he eventualy did was to find a bird with a good mechanical mechanism and had the yard cut out the whole assembly then i carefully removed it from his car an from the whole cut out part and welded it into his a little body work and paint an good as new if you need more details give me a yell at [email protected]
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