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I had my rear deck and speaker cut-outs all done up nice. Then I realized the press in metal/mesh grill would not stay in the plastic surrounds that screw on above the 6X9 speakers. It seems this is a very common way to make speaker grills now days.

I kept looking and eventually stumbled onto some all metal 6X9 grills on eBay, made by Radio Shack. The all metal seemed like a good idea to me in terms of durability and the heat here in the Mojave Desert. Plus they were just $16.00, gotta-love-that!

When they arrived I discovered the cut out area I had with the old grills was oval shape and larger. large enough that some of the hole would be exposed around the new covers.

A new cover for the panel was in order as well.

I purchased some carpet at Home Depot. It's a bit of a fuzzy surface, not twisted yarns and fairly thin. It's also made of olefin, which is great for this application, but that's another story.

Edited to add: I should include that this is built on a thin plywood "door skin". As it sits in the PIC it simply slides into the rear window deck and into the slot all around the back and sides.

This is what I ended up with.

DSC_2274 by Larry Madsen, on Flickr

I thought it came out real well.
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