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I tried to de-code this rearend to find out what size the ring gear is.It is a 10 bolt & dosn't have any "lugs" or "ears" on the bottom of the housing casting.
The pinion nut is 1.125 & it is a multi leaf spring perch houseing.
I think it's out of a 67.
Did they make a 7.5 ring gear that year?
I am looking for a 8.2 & I dont want to buy the wrong rearend.
This rearend is for sale but I didn't want to tear it down in front of the owner if I was'nt going to buy it.
The code is :
I de-coded it as a 12 bolt but it's a 10 bolt.
Short of disassembleing it, is there any other way of telling what size ring gear it has?
Thankyou for your time...Tom

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