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Replacing Door Window Weather Stripping

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Hi everyone,

Was wondering if there is a trick to replacing the weather stripping over the driver and passager windows. I replaced the verticle piece between the two windows and as i got it about 3/4 the way on it became very difficult to slide in the grooves. Obviously the piece that goes above the top of the window will be more difficult. Is there something i can spray or apply (ie. soap and water, pam cooking spray etc.) with out doing damage to the rubber that will make it easyier to slide the weather stripping along the slide rails?

Thanks for any help.
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I use silicon spray lube for any rubber work that needs to slide. Hasn't had any bad effects so far...

Oh man, I suppose the first sentence is open season....:D
If you are talking the roofrail weatherstrip that fits in a channel screwed to the A-pilar and underside of roof, it goes in easy- needs some weatherstrip adhesive to hold it in.
Ya, the roofrail weatherstripping is probably the easiest piece of weatherstripping to put on. You don't have to slide it in place, just get the groove started and it basically rolls in place. I start by the front window where it screws into the body. Like Unreal said, just apply some 3m or whatever you prefer adhesive and your done. You don't need alot of adhesive either. Jut run a small bead down the center of the channel. If your installing new stuff, you'll probably have to cut it down when you get pass the 1/4 window.
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