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Hi there - my roommate has a '95 Camaro with 2 problems that I'm trying to sort out.

First was a bad headlight. Seems easy enough. We bought a replacement for it and when I sat down to fix it this evening I ran into problems. It seems that the headlight assembly fits into a bracket which is then held into place by a spring on the bottom and a screw that tightens down on the top. The spring on the bottom is gone and so the headlight is relatively loose in there. What do I do??!

2nd problem is that the left signal isn't working - it stays solid when the driver tries to signal. Right works fine. Both front and back so I'm thinking this may be a fuse issue? How do I troubleshoot it? I couldn't even find the fuse box in the car and my roommate doesn't have the manual anymore.

Thanks for your help!

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