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resurrecting a stored 327

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Hello folks,
I decided it is time to resurrect my 68 camaro that has been in storage and get it ready for spring. The M/C dry so a complete Power front disc conversion is waiting to be installed. I got the engine running by adding new plugs and gas, I also changed the carb to a Edlebrock performer because the old holly leaked soo bad and had been onboard for 20 yrs.
The engine starts and idles good with that old familar rump from my crane cam..:hurray: Now the problem is when trying to drive from the barn to the garage it backfires through the carb and has no power at all ideas of where to look? I just want the motor running well before the brake conversation.
original 327 with Edlebrock Torquer II, intake, Mallory unilite dist/coil setup
Big crane hydrolic cam. Its been 20 years since I last messed with this car and forgot most of the specific aftermarkets but it ran like a scalded dog when it was parked while I finished my military time.
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backfire through the carb is usually a lean condition. You might have adjusted around a vacuum leak for the idle circuit and then be going way lean off-idle. Could also be a carb adjustment issue, low fuel pressure, rusty intake valve not closing well... vacuum leak and fuel pressure are the first two things I'd look for.
It could also be as simple as hooking up your plug wires to the right spark plugs, since you just changed plugs ! 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 should be the correct firing order.
I am postive the wires are correct. it ran with the old plugs and old gas
It has the same backfire/no power with both carbs. It idles and revs normally with no othe issues, Question? if the vaccum advance didnt work would that cause the no power/backfire?

i had a 65 poncho with a 215 6 that the valves hung open from varnish on the backfired, even wouldnt run sometimes if you shut it off...i ran fuel injector cleaner through a vacuum line, and it cleared right up...the problem was the bad gas from coated the valvestems, and just got gooey...i dont know if this is your problem, but maybe something to look a compression test to find the sneeky cyl...
Could the timing be off?
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