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I have a 68 with m22/hurst setup.

The reverse light switch is the original Muncie kind with the light/dark green wires that run up through the firewall.

They were working when I was testing dash lights. When I got the dash all squared away, no reverse lights.

I do have power on the light green wire when put into R gear.
Nothing on dark green.

Fuse is good.
Any suggestions.

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The switch bolted to the side cover may need adjusting or linkage rod bent.
Back Camaro to garage door.
Disconnect ign coil, turn ign sw on,
Crawl underneath, take 5/16" wrench with you, loosen the two screws and adjust switch and stop when b/up lights come on.
Tighten screws. If out of adjustment slot on switch, bend linkage rod from reverse lever to switch.
Don't lose hitch pin clip.
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