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Gary's link is actually -

I found this article a while back and the guy has some good ideas and got a pretty good result with his processes -

I haven't had the need or opportunity to try it out on a wheel yet, but did do a project based on some of this info (and pigments from 'TAP' Plastics) to do a repair for a family friend and was able to mix some pretty good color matches with little problem.
I just found a good 'base' color blend slightly lighter than the piece and then adjusted the color swirls to match the original as best I could - it came out very nice after a final spray clear-coat.
Here is a link to the TAP stuff I used -
The small jars are reasonably priced (@$3~4)and you can mix and match with very little use of each (except maybe the 'base' color you decide on).

Sending a wheel 'out' to one of the repair guys - like Gary - for rework can get pricey - figure at least $250~350 - for a minor job in my past experiences ...

Hope this gives you a few ideas to go on.
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