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RS hose kits

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I need to replace my vacuum hoses. I have read that some people were not real happy with the hose kits. Is this true? Should I just buy some hose from a local store and cut it myself? I don't really care about it looking original, I just want it to look good and last. Thanks, John
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The re-pop (not the brand) hose kits from my '68 ended up cracked at the T fittings. The hose kit was only in the car for a year. I ended up replacing the hoses with standard hose from the local Napa auto parts.

The material they are made from does not last. I know of two people who have had problems with cracking and both are only about a year old.
Thanks guys, I think I will just make my own.
I don't know where the hose kit in mine came from but it had the backwards instructons on the red and green hose routing. It's been installed for 4+ years with only slight leaking problems after the engine is shut off.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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