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I am in the process of freshing up my 350 to put into my 68 camaro project. The motor is as follows:
Block: 30 over 350 4 bolt main
Rods: GM X rods 5.7 length
Crank: Stock cast crank
Piston: .100 dome
Heads: Bow tie phase 2 ported and polished
2.205x1.655 under cut valves 48cc chamber
triple springs 1.6 roller rockers
Cam: Crane Blue racer wg-997
Intake: Mickey Thopson Crossram with Eldebrock 1405 carbs jetted down

The Camaro will have 3.73 rear and a M-20 4 spd I am looking for a new cam for this set up I liked the 997 but it is kinda big. the car will see 50/50 street strip time. No power brakes so low vacum is not concern. Want a nasty idle and power looking to spin no more than 6500rpm. My first thought is the old first off road cam crane sells 257/[email protected] 493/512. or an elgin 1090-258/266 537/555. I want to stay with a flat solid cam. any input would be great...
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