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I am going to go thru the NOM 350 in the 68RS. The current 1974 "010" 4 bolt main block has one 3917291 double hump head dated J248 which is correct for the 5/24/68 car and one 3927186 double hump which is correct for a 1969 350 I think.

I think the car would sell better, if need be, with two matching heads whether or not correct for a 68, but appearance correct.

I have three complete long block motors to select the heads from, even though I hate to break up the heads and blocks:

1965 275 hp / 327 complete long block with intake - heads are 3782461 double humps dated E105
1966 300 hp / 327 complete long block with intake - heads are 3782461 double humps dated A266
1969 300 hp / 350 complete 4 bolt main long block 3956618 - heads are 3927186 dated G318 not that the dates matter.

Knowing 327s and 350s are taking a backseat to LS motors, I am considering removing the heads from one of the motors to put on the 68RS rather than trying to find and buy another 3917291. So: which engine would you pick to be the donor?

1) 65 327 w/ 3782461 double humps. Lot of miles 150K + will need complete refurb of heads.

2) 66 327 w/ 3782461 double humps - problem, very little wear on the cylinders, pistons, and valve guides. Could be honed and re-rung and dropped in, but no one wants a 327 now.

3) 69 350 w/ 3956618 block used for 302, 327, & 350s in 69 - heads are 3927186 with the large 13/16" plug configuration which I think changed to the 5/8" small plug tapered seat in 70 or 71. This engine might bring a decent price from a Z-28 clone builder due to the right year block and heads.

4) Of course, finding another 3917291 or double hump look-a-like is an option and would leave all three engines as date matching long blocks which might bring more money if sold???

Your opinion please. Thanks - Ron
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