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I have a totally stock brake system on my 67 Camaro. It has power front disc, with drums

in the back. It has the “hold off” valve under the original master cylinder & the

proportioning valve under the driver’s door.

When the car is going very slow, less than 5 or 10 mph, the front disc lock up really bad

while I’m stopping. Sometimes (often really) they even make the car come to a

SCREECHING halt, even though I lightly touch the brakes.

Can I adjust the large chrome bolt head to the right or left on the proportioning valve under the door in order to try to correct the problem?

Also: The front wheels won't free spin one full turn by hand with tires jacked up off the ground. :(

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front brakes hoses might be swollen shut, elephantitis syndrome over the years or your front calipers might be bad or the sliders pins might be froze up?
a bunch of things you can try...
bleed the front brakes and see where you stand there..
pull the wheels off and check the condition of the slider pins..
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