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Hello! Been a while since I've been on here!

I have a problem and wonder if anyone else has been through this also. I have a 69 Impala, and while yes I am aware this is a Camaro site our cars share much of the same DNA - so someone may have a fix!

The problem. My car was equipped with the optional seat belt and door ajar warning lights. These would come on when the car was first started, and then shut off and stay off after about a minute or so. Mine recently have decided to just stay on - forever.

There is what I think is a thermal switch (GM P/N 3961500) which GM calls a "relay assembly, seat belt warning" but really it's not a relay, it's a normally closed switch made of two bi-metal strips that heat up as power runs through it...they warp from the heat to an open condition breaking the circuit and the lights go out. One bi-metal strip is wrapped in hair-thin wire that runs from an internal positive terminal to a ground, so I figure this thin sire heats up and causes the stip to bend. Hooked it up to a meter and can get no conductivity through this fine wire at all, so I assume there is a break in the wrap somewhere. All other contacts check out fine. Tested it with a 12V power source, cannot get it to heat up at all anymore.

I cannot find a replacement anywhere! I would have thought of all the cars and years that had a seat belt warning light, a 12V thermal switch like this would be easy to find...apparently not! Does anyone know where I can find such a thing - I don't care if it's an exact match so long as it functions the same. Surely the seat belt warning light was also available on Camaro, Chevelle, etc? Ideas???
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