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Hoping to get some advise here from some of you gurus.

I just purchased a set of '97 camaro seats to put in my '69 vert project (similar to the new Year 1 car) and was wondering what the easiest way to transpher the seats would be.

The tech guys at Year 1 said they used '69 seat tracks on the new seats for the conversion and had to make a small bracket for the retrofit, while others have used the
tracks that came the seat and simply made new holes for the rear seat track mount.

Obviously the problem with the latter would be finding a "manuel" set of seat tracks for the drivers side since they'll all came with electric driven seats (at least mine did) which ads to the expense vs using my original '69 tracks.

Anyway, I'm hoping to here some good solutiuons from some of you that have already made the conversion.


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