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I'm a real patient guy, try not to get rattle by "stuff" life is too short. I'm missing one rear seatbelt for my 68 "8,500 bargin car" I advertised in the classified for one seatbelt, didn't need to be a correct dated one just on the match the other 68 belts. Got a couple of replies, sent off a money order for 30 bucks, have waited over a month, no seatbelt. Sent the seller emails got replies,except for the last one, always going to sent it out, then said sent it to wrong address got it back, gonna sent it right back out the next day, that was over 2 weeks ago. I know things happen in life but I want a seatbelt so I can but the backseat in. Should I just consider the money a lose and start all over again? I'm I being to impatient? A months a pretty long time to get something from GA to CT. Anybody else out there got a black rearset seatbelt for sale? Atleast the mud is gone here and I got the 68 out today and drove it to the hardware store! BUT they say maybe SNOW tonight.


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