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68 SS Convertible, 383 EFI w/TPIS Mini Ram II, TKO 600, Aluminum flywheel, 3.31 12 bolt posi
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Grey899 - the bedliner stuff is a good idea. It became available in the spray on cans for home use when I was in the middle of totally rebuilding my car. (04/96-04/98) I had already undercoated my car when it came out, so I didn't get to use it under the car except in the rear wheelwells. I really wish it had came out in time for me to do the entire underbody, it has worked great under the wheelwells.

I also coated the entire interior floor and trunk. It has held up perfectly. But I don't think it is a great sound deadener on its own. I still used sound deadening material over it inside the car. Dynamat or someone makes a spray on sound deadener, it's not cheap but should work well. I'd look into using that in the interior.

But I would definitely go with the bedliner under the car and in the trunk. Looks much better than undercoating and easy to clean.

One last note, I used POR15 on the complete interior and underbody before doing anything else. This stuff works great at preventing rust.

Good luck,


68 SS Convertible
Yellow - (77 Corvette)
383 w/DFI Fuel Injection
on MiniRamII intake,
Trick Flow heads
Tremec 5 sp, 3.31 12bolt Posi
Guildstrand Mod
AGR 12:1 power steering
Bent short steering arms
Baer 13" front brakes (Couldn't find time to make bracket for CBB)
550# Hypercoils with Landrum height adjusters

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