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Car is presently having a new rear put in and wanted to upgrade my shocks and springs, wondered if anyone could give me some pointers?

I have looked into the QA1's but seems they are more for dragging and not everyday usage. Koni's look sweet but the price tag is a bit much considering the price of the new rear (plus having new window motors put on) so all I think I am left with is Bilsteins...

Whats your thoughts on Bilstein HD's? And if I do go with Bilstein HD's then what is your recommendation for springs?

1996 Z-28 Medium Blue Metallic A4

Performance Mods

SLP Cat Back Dual/Dual
Throttle Body Cooling Bypass
LT4 Knock Module
160 Thermostat
A4 Rebuilt w/Kevlar Bands Etc…
Doug Rippie 52MM TB/Ported Air Foil
3.42 Jasper Rear
Spohn Moly Adjustable Torque Arm
BMR Chrome Moly Adj. Panhard Rod w/Rod Ends
G2 Tubular Control Arms
B&M Shift Kit
2002 Front and Rear Sway Bars
TrickFlow Ceramic Intake Elbow
HPP+ Programming (Performance, Lower Fan Cycle, 3.42 Rear Gear Change)
GM High Performance Blue Hoses

Appearance Mods

Ultra Z Hood w/MBA Stainless Steel Inlet Cover
1996 Z-28 SS Rear Spoiler
17” 2000 Z-28 SS Rims
1968 Z-28 Side Emblems
1998 Z-28 Leather Door Panels
1998 Z-28 Rear Leather Seats
Carbon Fiber Gauge Panel Overlay
Stainless Steel Relay Cover
Stainless Steel Oil Cap
Stainless Steel Radiator Cap
Stainless Steel Rear Camaro Letters
Stainless Steel 2002 Z-28 Rear Emblem
SLP Rear Emblem
Haddon 5.7 High Output V8 Badge
Diamond Front Marker Lights
Diamond Rear Side Markers

5 Posts
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Ok if I get any more PO'ed right now my head is gonna pop off...

I got a call earlier from the shop and he suggested me go with the KYB AGX's and I recall reading quite a bit about how good a shock they were so he gave me some prices and I told him to go for it.

Well I was in a rush when he called so I didnt have time to do a price comparison online but now Im hot to trot since I been looking around online.

Shop quote for fronts only (not including install) $350

SummitRacing quote for ALL 4 (including overnight shipping) $416.75

TireRack quote for all 4 (Including 2 day shipping) $386.19

WTF??? Am I stupid here or am I being plugged in the bunghole by this shop?

And now I dont know what I can do since I told him to do it and he said he would have my new rear and probably the rear shocks put on by tonight and when I called of course their closed till the morning...

What if any options do you think I have and or what would you guys do under these circumstances?

Now he got me wondering how much he is ripping me off for the rear and for sure there is no getting out of that cause its probably already bolted on.... @#%@%#%~$#%!%$!$
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