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Shorter trans mount for PontiAction drive shaft loop

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Hi, I bought a Ponti-Action bolt in drive shaft loop and it mounts between the trans cross member and the trans mount. This raises the trans by a 1/4 inch and I would rather avoid that. I was wondering if there was a trans mount out there that was made a little shorter? If the mount was smaller it would offset the extra height from the loop.

Any parts guys out there seen a shorter trans mount?

Is this quarter inch so meaningless I should not worry?

This is for a 68 camaro with a 350 trans.

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Install the loop, get some sleep.
never seen a shorter mount before. install if no vibration drive away.
Imp: when I installed the Indian mount I was sweating the extra height as well...but I was under a strict time frame and installed it as is...didn't change a thing, and it hasn't been a problem. I know a guy in my class was making a similar mount that didn't change the trrans mount height, but I'm not sure if he's still doing it or not? BTW: I see you're from Memphis...I run at MMP several times a year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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