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Should I get a booster ?

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Hi everybody. On my 69 Camaro I have front disc and rear drum setup. The car has no booster in it and I bought a brake line kit from Ricks for power brakes by accident. Should I get a Booster/MC kit and install it or should I get the correct lines and stay manual ? Do you have to have a booster with front discs ?


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You do not need a booster for disc brakes, but,I feel it is the only way to go. I would definately add the booster.
You will need to move the brake pedal to booster clevis, on the brake pedal to the lower hole, for power brakes.
Ok Im going to get a booster/MC combo. I have a 396 with reguler valve covers. Not high ones. Is this combo decent ? I have dics/drum
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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