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Has anyone ever switched their side markers into turn indicators? (1969).

I am considering doing this because my Camaro was incorrectly wired this way previously, but I think I much prefer it to them simply as marker lamps.

As I am now wiring up my '69, switching the front markers is a piece of cake, I simply wire them with the Dark Blue & Light Blue from the front valance parkers, instead of the the side marker's usual 20 Brown wire.

However, switching the rears is not so easy because the rear turn indicators also double as brake lamps.
If I simply swap the brown with the Yellow & Dark Green, I'll have side markers that are also brake lamps. I don't really want them as brake lamps.

Has anyone switched these over so they just operate as turn indicators, or does anyone know how I'd be able to do it?
It seems that the turn signal mechanism in the steering column is what allows the stop lamps to also operate as turn signals. I have no idea how to isolate the two.
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